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A Lesson Learned PDF

Book Description:

A Lesson Learned PDF

There are no losses in life just lessons learned. Every experience, trial, and pain teaches us something we never knew about ourselves. Author Jeevan Brown dives into the lives of 16 college students as they experience the trials and tribulations that ultimately made them the men and women they are today. Based on true events, these stories are raw, uncut, funny, nostalgic, and emotional. From near death experiences, sports, rape, drugs, racism, STD’s, finances, fashion, relationships and more. Each story gives a detailed account of the pivotal aspects followed by advice, statistics and the lessons the main characters learned from each experience. This book may help somebody dealing with the same dynamic with hopes that they’ll overcome the unfortunate circumstances that he or she is in.

Book Details:

A Lesson Learned PDF

Author Jeevan Brown
Isbn 1523818875
File size
Year 2016
Pages 302
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other
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