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A Planet Of Viruses PDF

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A Planet Of Viruses PDF

A wealth of data from microbiology, genetics, chemistry, and astrobiology, demonstrates that the first living creatures to take root on Earth must have been deposited on this planet encased in meteors, asteroids, comets, and oceans of ice; that the ancestry of these first Earthlings leads to viruses and extraterrestrial Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes which evolved on other planets, and to genes whose origins extends interminably into the long ago.

Life on Earth came from other planets. And then it began to evolve.

There is considerable genetic evidence which indicates the first life forms to take up residence on this world were accompanied by viruses. And these microbes and viruses possessed the genes, genetic mechanisms, “silent genes,” and the necessary genetic instructions for the evolution and metamorphosis of all life including those which have never or have not yet evolved on Earth. After arriving on Earth, these genes were inserted into what became the multicellular Eukaryotic genome.

These first Earthlings included Cyanobacteria which along with other Prokaryotes also labored to terraform the planet, liberating a variety of gasses, elements, and minerals, including and especially oxygen and calcium. The changing environment acted on gene selection, expressing a variety of genes, including “silent genes” which encoded, for example, the genetic instructions for the metamorphosis of eyes, bones, and brains. A variety of Prokaryotes, most notably Cyanobacteria, have continually biologically altered the environment which has acted on those genes these same species had transferred into the Eukaryotic genome, thereby producing evolutionary change. It is also precisely because of the lengths of time necessary to alter the biosphere sufficiently so to build up these gasses, minerals, etc., that once certain critical levels are reached long periods of evolutionary stasis are punctuated by explosive bursts of speciation and dramatic morphological change, often accompanied by extinctions.

What has been traditionally referred to as “evolution” is effected by the changing environment which acts on and expresses various genes, and is under genetic regulatory control, similar in many ways to the genetic mechanisms governing embryology and metamorphosis. Embryological development and metamorphosis are genetically regulated and effected by the internal and external environment, and the same is true of evolution.

The facts and theories on the evolution and origins of life, as detailed here, are supported by a wealth of data from genetics, astrobiology, microbiology, virology and the fossil records. Further, the data on evolution can be interpreted in two ways: 1) Archae, bacteria, and viruses from this world or other planets, have repeatedly inserted genes into the Eukaryotic genome thereby influencing the direction and trajectory of life’s evolution.

2) Extraterrestrial viruses, archae, and bacteria have repeatedly inserted genes into the Eukaryotic genome including regulatory genes which have governed gene expression, and they contained all the genes, genetic elements, and genetic instructions for altering the environment which also acts on those genes donated to Eukaryotes by viruses and Prokaryotes; and what has been called evolution is genetically regulated and a form of embryogenesis and metamorphosis: the replication of creatures who long ago lived on other planets.

1. Origins and Evolution of Life From Space
2. Silent Genes, HGT, Cyanobacteria, Bones, Brains, Eukaryotic Metamorphosis, Genetic Engineering of the Environment
3. Viruses, Genetic Libraries, Evolution, Interplanetary Horizontal Gene Transfer
4. Meteors, Microbes, Viruses: Genetic Seeds of Life Keep Falling to Earth
5. Extinction, Metamorphosis, Evolutionary Apoptosis, Genetically Programmed Mass Death
6. Evolutionary Metamorphosis, Embryogenesis, the DNA-Supra Organism
7. Evolution in the Ancient Corners of the Cosmos:

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A Planet Of Viruses PDF

Author R. Gabriel Joseph
File size 2 Mb
Year 2013
Pages 206
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

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