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A Simple Guide to the ThymusGland and Its Functions (What You Need to Produce Mature T-cells to Fight Germs) (A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions) PDF

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A Simple Guide to the ThymusGland and Its Functions (What You Need to Produce Mature T-cells to Fight Germs) (A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions) PDF

“In the secret places of her thymus gland Louise is making too much of herself. Her faithful biology depends on regulation but the white T-cells have turned bandit. They don’t obey the rules. They are swarming into the bloodstream, overturning the quiet order of spleen and intestine. In the lymph nodes they are swelling with pride. It used to be their job to keep her body safe from enemies on the outside. They were her immunity, her certainty against infection. Now they are the enemies on the inside. The security forces have rebelled. Louise is the victim of a coup.

Will you let me crawl inside you, stand guard over you, trap them as they come at you? Why can’t I dam their blind tide that filthies your blood? Why are there no lock gates on the portal vein? The inside of your body is innocent, nothing has taught it fear. Your artery canals trust their cargo, they don’t check the shipments in the blood. You are full to overflowing but the keeper is asleep and there’s murder going on inside. Who comes here? Let me hold up my lantern. It’s only the blood; red cells carrying oxygen to the heart, thrombocytes making sure of proper clotting. The white cells, B and T types, just a few of them as always whistling as they go.

The faithful body has made a mistake. This is no time to stamp the passports and look at the sky. Coming up behind are hundreds of them. Hundreds too many, armed to the teeth for a job that doesn’t need doing. Not needed? With all that weaponry?

Here they come, hurtling through the bloodstream trying to pick a fight. There’s no-one to fight but you Louise. You’re the foreign body now.”

Jeanette Winterson

This was going to be a book on the anatomy and physiology of the Thymus gland.

It still is a book on the Thymus and why a human needs the thymus to produce the T-cells that fight Germs.

I will try to add some descriptions in simple vernacular words and make it more fun to read.

Interesting Facts about the Thymus Gland

The thymus is a specialized organ of the immune system.

The function of the thymus is the production and education of T cells which are critical cells of the adaptive immune system and play a central role in cell-mediated immunity:

The thymus is largest and most active during the neonatal and pre-adolescent periods.

By the early teens, the thymus begins to atrophy and thymic stroma is replaced by adipose (fat) tissue .


1. Birth about 15grams;
2. Puberty about 35grams,
3. Twenty-five years 25grams,
4. Sixty years less than 15grams,
5. Seventy years as low as 5grams

The Thymus Gland is a small gland in the upper chest.

It weighs 1/3 – 1/2 half ounce at birth, and reaches its peak weight of about 17 ounces at puberty.

After puberty under the influence of adrenal and sex hormones, the active thymus gland cells begin to die off with much of the thymus gland tissue being gradually replaced by fat and connective tissue.

Much of the healthy thymus gland structure typically atrophies by age 20, and the decline accelerates throughout life thereafter.

Science has discovered that the thymus gland is the key regulator of immunity.

Collectively, thymus gland hormones have been shown in humans to have a broad range of action, well beyond merely maturing and differentiating T cells.

These hormones can prevent the tissue wasting that occurs with thymus gland removal or severe thymus gland atrophy and promote healthy weight gain in disease states- such as AIDS – where catabolic body wasting is typical.

The thymus gland hormones can reduce autoimmune reactions such as occur in rheumatoid arthritis.

Thymus gland hormones also prevent the bone marrow injury and subsequent reduction in white and red blood cell production frequently produced by X-ray or chemotherapy cancer treatment.



Chapter 1 The Thymus

Chapter 2 Thymus Functions

Chapter 3 Prevention of Thymus

Chapter 4 Lymphatic System

Chapter 5 Thymus and Diseases

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A Simple Guide to the ThymusGland and Its Functions (What You Need to Produce Mature T-cells to Fight Germs) (A Simple Guide to Medical Conditions) PDF

Author Kenneth Kee
Isbn B00D3PF4P0
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Year 2013
Pages 61
Language English
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