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Abraham Lincoln By Abraham Lincoln PDF

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Abraham Lincoln By Abraham Lincoln PDF

Each quotation is explained to deliver the exact meaning of his sayings and his ideas. American values remain untouchable, even as life changes at a record pace. Lincoln was one of the great men who inspired those very values — the one who brought true freedom to our nation and to every inhabitant. So in these trying times, who better to help you stay the course than the founding father himself, whose words remain the bedrock of our nation even more than a century after his death. This book will illustrate for you those eternal values, so you may keep your track and stay focused on what is worthwhile. Every quotation is followed by a thorough explanation of its meaning and how Abraham Lincoln´s ideas and how can be implemented in your own personal and business life. The influence of Abraham Lincoln on America is undeniable. Every part of his story remains relevant in our lives and governments today, and many of his policies remain the foundation of our great country. Of all his words of wisdom, we’ve picked the 10 quotes that best reflect on his time in office, as well as the way his legacy and wisdom have shaped our view of ourselves as a modern nation. Why is this important? Why should you care? Our democracy is threatened from the inside and the outside and it is now more important than ever to understand and uphold the values of freedom and democracy. These values can and should be implemented in your own personal and business life. In this book you will find how it can be done. Here is a preview of what you will learn… Lincoln’s major accomplishments. Taking cues from his time management. Lincoln, incorruptible. How he became “Honest Abe”. Freedom for men, freedom for the Nation. The Gettysburg speech. The persistence of Lincoln. Letting go of family mandates. Figures that inspired Lincoln. Purchase your book now and start learning! Abraham Lincoln by Abraham Lincoln The 10 Best Quotations from the Father of the American Freedom Each Quotation Is Explained to Deliver the Exact

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Abraham Lincoln By Abraham Lincoln PDF: The 10 Best Quotations From The Father Of The American Freedom. . Each Quotation Is Explained To Deliver The Exact Meaning Of His Sayings And His Ideas.

Author Austin Brooks
Isbn 1533301670
File size 180.9 KB
Year 2016
Pages 46
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography
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