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An Introduction To Italian Renaissance Painting PDF

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An Introduction To Italian Renaissance Painting PDF

The period we call “The Renaissance” was one of the most exciting in all European History. Millions flock every year to the art galleries of the world, to the churches of Italy, and above all too Venice, Florence and Rome so as to marvel at the great works of art produced between about 1300 and 1550. If you are one of those millions, this lecture is for you.
The lecture does not attempt to explain everything in 7,000 words. But it does explain a lot, describes the contexts within which the artistic revolution took place, and summarises what was meant by “Renaissance humanism”.
The names of artists and of specific works of art mentioned in the text have been carefully selected so that, simply by entering them in a search engine, they will illustrate key points. Two chronological tables at the end will help you keep the paintings and the buildings you see in place historically.
There are also included half a dozen extracts from primary sources that are of particular fascination.
George Harris has been studying the Renaissance for over fifty years and teaching it to school pupils and adult evening classes for many decades. His aim in these lectures is always to inform, but also to stimulate and challenge.
This lecture will be ideal for the tourist. It will also be very useful to the student as an introduction, or at revision time.

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An Introduction To Italian Renaissance Painting PDF

Author George Harris
Isbn B00ANA24V0
File size 31.9 MB
Year 2012
Pages 27
Language English
File format PDF
Category Design
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