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Children’S Understanding Of Death PDF

Book Description:

Children’S Understanding Of Death PDF

In order to understand how adults deal with children’s questions about death, we must examine how children understand death, as well as the broader society’s conceptions of death, the tensions between biological and supernatural views of death, and theories on how children should be taught about death. This collection of essays comprehensively examines children’s ideas about death, both biological and religious. Written by specialists from developmental psychology, pediatrics, philosophy, anthropology, and legal studies, it offers a truly interdisciplinary approach to the topic. The volume examines different conceptions of death and their impact on children’s cognitive and emotional development and will be useful for courses in developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and certain education courses, as well as philosophy classes – especially in ethics and epistemology. This collection will be of particular interest to researchers and practitioners in psychology, medical workers, and educators – both parents and teachers

Book Details:

Children’S Understanding Of Death PDF: From Biological To Religious Conceptions By Victoria Talwar

Author Victoria Talwar
Isbn 0521194598
File size 1.1 MB
Year 2011
Pages 202
Language English
File format PDF
Category Personality

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