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Corn Flakes For Dinner PDF

Book Description:

Corn Flakes For Dinner PDF

Aidan Comerford was on top of the world. He stepped off stage having just been crowned the winner of So You Think You’re Funny at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014, previous winners of which include Dylan Moran, Tommy Tiernan, David O’Doherty and Aisling Bea. This was it! His big break … He returned to Ireland elated, only to find out that while he was in Edinburgh his youngest daughter, who has autism, had gone missing near a lake. For Aidan this was the moment he began to accept that personal dreams can never take precedence over family, a family who were struggling through tough challenges – redundancy, mortgage problems, a pyritic house, post-natal depression – and, in the midst of it all, both daughters were diagnosed with autism. Corn Flakes for Dinner is about what happens when expectations don’t meet reality and, dreams crushed, you carry on and discover that even the darkest of clouds can reveal a silver lining. A hilarious, poignant memoir about ordinary magic, Corn Flakes for Dinner is a masterclass in navigating life’s toughest challenges and rediscovering the joy in every day. ‘Any parent of a child with autism should read this book. It gives some much-needed humour for the dark days. Far from being glib, it will be a lifeline for so many.’ Irish Independent

Book Details:

Corn Flakes For Dinner PDF: A Heartbreaking Comedy About Family Life

Author Aidan Comerford
Isbn 0717179036
File size 1.7 MB
Year 2017
Pages 336
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography
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