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Crime And Punishment In America [2 Volumes] PDF

Book Description:

Crime And Punishment In America [2 Volumes] PDF

Covering some of the most hotly contested topics in crime and criminal justice, including proposed sentencing and prison reforms, controversial developments like Stand Your Ground laws, and Supreme Court decisions, this work supplies essential background, current data, and a range of viewpoints on these important issues.

• Provides readers with a thorough analysis of the most controversial topics in criminal justice that includes contributions from renowned scholars, activists, victim service providers, and other experts

• Addresses current trends and problems in America’s criminal justice system

• Includes tables, graphs, and charts tracking the most important developments related to crime, sentencing, and the prison system

Book Details:

Crime And Punishment In America [2 Volumes] PDF: An Encyclopedia Of Trends And Controversies In The Justice System

Author Laura L. Finley
Isbn 1610699270
File size 5.9 MB
Year 2016
Pages 743
Language English
File format PDF
Category Encyclopedia and Dictionary

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