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Critical Dictionary Of Film And Television Theory PDF

Book Description:

Critical Dictionary Of Film And Television Theory PDF

Morreale traces the development of the documentary films produced for presidential candidates from Calvin Coolidge in 1923 to George Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992. The work provides insight into today’s visually oriented presidential campaign by analyzing the production of candidates’ images as the films evolve from classical to modern forms. Campaign films are usually overlooked by campaign scholars, yet they provide the fullest available visual portrait of a candidate during a campaign, they encapsulate persuasive appeals and strategies, and they illustrate Republican and Democratic candidates’ different approaches to mediated communication. Morreale concludes that presidential campaign films provide a lens through which we can view both changes and continuities in American politics and culture. Recommended for scholars and students of communication, political science, and history.

The presidential campaign film

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Critical Dictionary Of Film And Television Theory PDF

Author Joanne Morreale
Isbn 027595580X
File size 4.4 MB
Year 1996
Pages 224
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

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