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Domestic Automatic Waste Segregator PDF

Book Description:

Domestic Automatic Waste Segregator PDF

This paper proposes an Automated Waste
Segregator (AWS) which is a inexpensive, easy to use solution for
a segregation system at households, so that it can be sent directly
for processing. It is designed to sort the refuse into metallic
waste, wet waste and dry waste. The AWS employs parallel
resonant impedance sensing mechanism to identify metallic
items, and capacitive sensors to distinguish between wet and dry
waste. Experimental results show that the segregation of waste
into metallic, wet and dry waste has been successfully
implemented using the AWS.

Book Details:

Domestic Automatic Waste Segregator PDF: Using Arduino Mega (Microcontroller Based )

Author Shaunak Jagtap
Isbn B073Y78K8C
File size 425.4 KB
Year 2017
Pages 15
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

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