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Don’t Panic I’M Islamic PDF

Book Description:

Don’t Panic I’M Islamic PDF

How can you tell if your neighbour is speaking Muslim? Is a mosque a kind of hedgehog? Can I get fries with that burka? You can’t trust the media any longer, but there’s no need to fret: Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic provides you with the answers. Read this book to learn how you too can spot an elusive Islamist. Discover how Arabs (even twenty-one-year-old, largely innocuous and totally adorable ones) plant bombs and get tips about how to interact with Homeland Security, which may or may not involve funny discussions about your sexuality.

Book Details:

Don’t Panic I’M Islamic PDF: Words And Pictures On How To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love The Neighbour Next Door

Author Lynn Gaspard
Isbn 0863569994
File size 14.8 MB
Year 2017
Pages 192
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art
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