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Families as They Really Are (Second Edition) PDF

Book Description:

Families as They Really Are (Second Edition) PDF

A fresh collection of original essays by leading scholars that explores how families operate in everyday life.

Families As They Really Are, Second Edition, gets to the heart of the family values debate by re-framing the question about families from “Are they breaking down?” to “Where are they going, how, and why?” Written by an interdisciplinary community of experts who study and work with families, the essays in this book draw on the latest social science research and clinical expertise. These essays aren’t reprints; every article is an original contribution to the research and theory about families?written specifically with undergraduate readers in mind. Families as They Really Are

Book Details:

Families as They Really Are (Second Edition) PDF

Author Barbara J. Risman
Isbn 0393937674
File size
Year 2015
Pages 800
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other

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