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Fish Cognition And Behavior PDF

Book Description:

Fish Cognition And Behavior PDF

The study of animal cognition has been largely confined to birds and mammals; a historical bias which has led to the belief that learning plays little or no part in the development of behaviour in fishes and reptiles. Research in recent decades has begun to redress this misconception and it is now recognised that fishes exhibit a rich array of sophisticated behaviour with impressive learning capabilities entirely comparable with those of mammals and other terrestrial animals.

In this fascinating book an international team of experts have been brought together to explore all major areas of fish learning, including:

Fish Cognition and Behavior is an important contribution to all fish biologists and ethologists and contains much information of commercial importance for fisheries managers and aquaculture personnel. Libraries in universities and research establishments will find it an important addition to their shelves.

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Fish Cognition And Behavior PDF

Author Culum Brown
Isbn 1405134291
File size 7.6 MB
Year 2006
Pages 352
Language English
File format PDF
Category Science
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