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Handbook Of The Sociology Of Sexualities PDF

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Handbook Of The Sociology Of Sexualities PDF

Sponsored by the National Institute for Dispute Resolution (NIDR)

“This is an excellent comprehensive survey and guide to conflict resolution education that should be of great value to all educators.”
—Morton Deutsch
, professor, International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

Conflict resolution education is a critical component of comprehensive efforts to prevent violence and reduce crime in schools. This workbook provides an introduction to the basic principles of conflict resolution and its application to school settings. It describes the elements of effective conflict resolution programs and gives an overview of the most popular, effective approaches. And it offers step-by-step guidance on planning and implementing a successful conflict resolution program.

An excellent resource for administrators and teachers who are planning, developing, and implementing conflict resolution programs in grades K-12. Includes an appAndix listing useful books, curricula, videos, and other resources.


Part One: The Basics

1. Resolving Conflict in Schools

2. Understanding Conflict

3. Conflict Resolution Education

Part Two: Strategies

4. Requisite Elements of Conflict Resolution Programs

5. Process Curriculum

6. Mediation Programs

7. Curriculum Integration

8. Peaceable School Programs

9. Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Part Three: Planning and Implementation

10. Developing a Vision

11. Evaluating Resources

12. Strategic Planning

13. Implementation Steps

14. Assessing Results

15. Important Factors for Success

Richard Bodine is president of the Illinois Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Donna Crawford is executive director of the Illinois Institute for Dispute Resolution.

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Handbook Of The Sociology Of Sexualities PDF

Author Richard J. Bodine
Isbn 0787910961
File size 5.9 MB
Year 1997
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Politics and Sociology
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