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Heat Transfer Virtual Lab For Students And Engineers PDF

Book Description:

Heat Transfer Virtual Lab For Students And Engineers PDF

Laboratory experiments are a vital part of engineering education,
which historically were considered impractical for distance learning.
This book presents a guide for the practical employment of a heat
transfer virtual lab for students and engineers.
Inside, the authors have detailed this virtual lab which is designed
and can implement a real-time, robust, and scalable software system
that provides easy access to lab equipment anytime and anywhere
over the Internet. They introduce and explain LabVIEW in
easy-to-understand language. LabVIEW is a proprietary software
tool by National Instruments, and can be used to develop fairly
complex instrumentation systems (measurement and control).
Fridman and Mahajan combined Internet capabilities with traditional
laboratory exercises to create an ef cient environment to
carry out interactive, on line lab experiments. Thus, the virtual lab
can be used from a remote location as a part of a distance learning
strategy. With this book, you’ll be capable of executing VIs (Virtual
Instruments) speci cally developed for the experiment in question,
providing you with great ability to control the remote instrument
and to receive and present the desired experimental data.

Book Details:

Heat Transfer Virtual Lab For Students And Engineers PDF: Theory And Guide For Setting Up

Author Ella Fridman
Isbn B00N50S5M2
File size 10.9 MB
Year 2014
Pages 120
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

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