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Information Systems And Management In Media And Entertainment Industries PDF

Book Description:

Information Systems And Management In Media And Entertainment Industries PDF

‘Küng’s book stands out for its focus on concepts, drivers, and dynamics. Its scope and learning are brilliant and dazzling. This updated edition will be a source of insight for students and a tool for industry veterans who seek the perspective of academia.’
– Eli Noam, Columbia Business School

‘A landmark contribution to scholarship, Küng’s excellent book provides an empirically rich and analytically sharp-sighted guide to contemporary organizational strategies in a complex and dynamic media environment.’
– Gillian Doyle, University of Glasgow

‘In the age of relentless technological disruption, unlimited distribution and non-professionalization, media firms are more dependent than ever on strategic management. Küng articulates the dimensions of media industries to account for an ever-increasing array of challenges and strategies.’
– David Craig, University of Southern California

In this Second Edition of a book many found invaluable for research and teaching, including myself, Küng accomplishes a challenging task: to preserve all the best qualities of the First Edition while both extending the scope and deepening understandings about strategic management theory in application to media industries.’
– Gregory Ferrell Lowe, University of Tampere

With the media industries facing unprecedented change and challenge from top to bottom, it has never been more vital to understand the elements of strategy and how they apply to media organizations.

This new edition:

  • Shows innovation, disruption and strategic adaptation in action, with a stronger focus on a case-based approach
  • Takes readers deep into case studies on BuzzFeed, The Guardian, Netflix, the New York Times and the BBC
  • Explains strategic theory and concepts with insight and clarity
  • Shows how to understand change and decision-making within media organizations.

This is the essential guide to change and management in the media industries – ideal for students of media studies, media economics and media management.

Book Details:

Information Systems And Management In Media And Entertainment Industries PDF

Author Lucy Küng
Isbn 1473929504
File size 5.9 MB
Year 2017
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Business
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