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Making The Choice Making It Work PDF

Book Description:

Making The Choice Making It Work PDF

Making the Choice, Making It Work is an easy-to-read guide for people who are considering treatment for opioid addiction, and for those who are already taking opioid agonist therapy. Families and friends will find it valuable for understanding what their friend or family member is experiencing, and how best to offer their support.

The guide provides essential information on choosing and starting treatment, how treatment works, side-effects, interactions with other drugs, counselling, pregnancy, travel, length of treatment and more. Thoughtful quotes from people with experience of opioid addiction treatment let readers know what to expect and offer advice on how to get the most out of treatment.

Based on the widely distributed Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Client Handbook, this new edition includes the latest treatment and research information while maintaining the same comprehensive and reader-friendly approach.

Book Details:

Making The Choice Making It Work PDF: Treatment For Opioid Addiction

Author CAMH
File size 699.7 KB
Year 2016
Pages 106
Language English
File format PDF
Category Personality

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