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Observations upon Experimental Philosophy, Abridged PDF

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Observations upon Experimental Philosophy, Abridged PDF

“Margaret Cavendish’s philosophical work is at last taking its rightful place in the history of seventeenth-century thought, but her writings are so voluminous and wide-ranging that introducing her work to students has been difficult—at least until this volume came along. This carefully edited abridgment of Observations upon Experimental Philosophy will be indispensable for making Cavendish’s fascinating ideas accessible to students. Marshall’s Introduction provides a helpful overview of themes in Cavendish’s natural philosophy, and the footnotes contain useful background information about some of the texts and philosophers that Cavendish mentions. The additional selections from Descartes, Hobbes, Boyle, and Hooke also help contextualize Cavendish’s views.” —Deborah Boyle, College of Charleston

Hackett Publishing Company Inc

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Observations upon Experimental Philosophy, Abridged PDF: with Related Texts

Author Margaret Cavendish
Isbn 1624665144
File size
Year 2016
Pages 136
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other
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