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Photochemical oxidation of some carbohydrates PDF

Book Description:

Photochemical oxidation of some carbohydrates PDF

Photochemistry and chemical kinetics are two separate branches of chemical science. Till date these two are studied separately. But each and every chemical as well as physical change is associated with kinetic study. Therefore an attempt has been made to consider the simultaneous study of a chemical reaction including the photochemical oxidation of some carbohydrates. As the selected compounds are biomolecules, the studies will be equally fruitful in life science as well. The proposed work has industrial significance also for pharmaceutical chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry as well as biochemistry. The work will broaden the studies in technical, chemical and biochemical aspects in the various ways. This book therefore provides a new vision to the research scholars in the field of chemical science.

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Photochemical oxidation of some carbohydrates PDF: A kinetic study

Author Meena Wadhwani
Isbn 3659510793
File size
Year 2014
Pages 72
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other
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