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Plotinus’ Cosmology PDF

Book Description:

Plotinus’ Cosmology PDF

Scientific theory and theology in the scientific age where getting accurate, state of the art knowledge is critical for making informed decisions about truth isn’t easy. Important, matters of eternal destiny and the limits ordinary individuals have on time to research issues and still earn a living slow the dissemination of findings of fact. Specialized science and theology misinterpret the meaning of data from the natural world and scripture. Millions of evangelical Christians have mistaken the timing of the tribulation and end times by 2000 years. Scientists and Christians alike have misunderstood several contextual meanings of the first chapters of Genesis. Garrison Clifford Gibson examines issues of creation and cosmology with philosophical and theological insight. Contemporary science, cosmology and evolution haven’t controverted the truth of the Holy Bible.

Book Details:

Plotinus’ Cosmology PDF

Author Garrison Clifford Gibson
Isbn 136502587X
File size 18.5 MB
Year 2016
Pages 250
Language English
File format PDF
Category Astronomy

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