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Recycling And Reuse Of Materials And Their Products PDF

Book Description:

Recycling And Reuse Of Materials And Their Products PDF

ReWriters are specially designed personal-sized dry erase sheets. Students practice writing skills while learning English, Math, Picture-Recognition/Association and Penmanship. Sized like a thick piece of paper, they are easy for small hands to handle, yet strong and durable.

Save wasted paper and promote recycling with ReWriters; they are easy to wipe-off with any soft cloth or paper towel for daily re-use and quick corrections. Use any brand of dry erase marker, dry erase crayon or wet erase marker; even some brands of permanent markers can be easily cleaned off using plain rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

– Provides a balanced mix of right and left brain functions, supports whole-brain approach to learning.
– Teaches basic math skills while enhancing brain-to-hand motor skills and proper penmanship.
– Rigid sheets enable lap-top writing; handy for travel in cars, airplanes, etc.
– The Combo Pack contains four levels of difficulty and three of the most popular formats in the ReWriters series: Tracers, LineWriters and FreeHanders. Students progress through the levels at their own pace.
Practice writing skills with rigid, glossy easy-clean dry erase sheets Enhances skills and understanding of English, Math, Picture-Regognition/Association and Penmanship Easy wipe-off enables quick corrections to mistakes Use and reuse over and over again; saves wasted paper, promotes recycling 4 levels of difficulty supports your child faster progress

Book Details:

Recycling And Reuse Of Materials And Their Products PDF

Author ReWriters Personal Dry Erase Sheets
Isbn B0044EBLCO
File size 8.7 MB
Year NA
Pages 12
Language English
File format PDF
Category Science
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