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Ritual Theory Ritual Practice PDF

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Ritual Theory Ritual Practice PDF

Language: English
Pages: 464

About The Book

The contents of this book focus on the evolution and practice of mantra. This work consists of five chapters. The second and third chapters discuss the historic speculation of mantra and the purpose of matric practice and its practical aspect in Brahmanic and Buddhist traditions respectively. The fourth chapter draws out the basic theory of mantric practice, and clarifies the role of mantra in Esoteric Buddhism. Firstly, it brings out the theory of vibration and symbolism in the practice of mantra, and from them it examines how they are applied to mantric practice. The book highlights the position of mantra in Esoteric Buddhism. Thus, the definition of Esoteric Buddhism is examined, and the basic theory and practical system of Esoteric Buddhism. Lastly, the dimensions of mantric practice are suggested briefly.


About The Author

Ven. Dr Moon-Saeng Ghim (b. 1984) is a priest of Jingak Buddhist Order in South Korea. He has been interested in the mantra practice from early time. He received MA from Donguk University in Korea and PhD through M Phil from the University of Delhi specialization of Mantra. He was Professor at Uiduk University, Dean of Graduat School )2000-2003), Vice-President and the acting president there, and President for Affair of Ritual and Theory in Jingak Buddhist Order in South Korea (2005-13). He has worked a lot in the field of Esoteric Buddhism. He has also been working as a chief priest of Sinduk shimindang (temple) in Jingak Buddhist Order.



THE PRESENT WORK is based on the thesis for the degree of PhD in University of Delhi. I have gone through the book and also studied intensively many parts of it to assess its merits and demerits and am happy to say that the work is the product of considerable painstaking labour spread over a

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Ritual Theory Ritual Practice PDF

Author Moo-saeng Ghim
Isbn 8121510988
File size 2.1 MB
Year 2014
Pages 449
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

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