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Sex and Violence PDF

Book Description:

Sex and Violence PDF

SEX AND VIOLENCE volume 2 is a full color, soft cover 64 page graphic novel about crime, lust, and redemption split into three distinctively different stories sharing similar themes written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and drawn by Romina Moranelli, Rafa Garres , Vanesa R. Del Rey, Challenging Studios and Paul Mounts. Excessive nudity and violence makes this an ADULTS ONLY title.


The first short story is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Romina Moranelli called ” DADDY ISSUES” It’s about a seductive mother and daughter that have a connection and a goal they share, at any price. Giving any more away will ruin the story for you. Below are a few samples of the stunning art.

The second story is RED DOG ARMY written by Justin Gray and illustrated by Rafa Garres and Challenging Studios and it is epic. After conquering Poland in only 16 days, Hitler launched a full-scale invasion of Russia called Operation Barabossa. Stalin was desperate to halt the flood of panzer tanks headed toward Moscow. As a result he authorized a special unit to train and use dogs as anti-tank weapons. Red Dog Army is the story of aging dog trainer Yuri Schlonsky who was recruited into the army against his will and sniper Valeriya Petroff as they both try to not only survive the war, but also their deranged commanding officer who is doing everything he can to make certain they fail. Below are a few samples of Rafa’s beautiful artwork.

The third story is called FILTER and it is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey, and is about a killer named Nico Gallo taking a look back on his life as a young man growing up in the tough streets of Brooklyn , New York, and the violent and murderous choices he made along the way that changed his life forever. Nothing in this story is as it seems.

Book Details:

Sex and Violence PDF: Vol. 2

Author Jimmy Palmiotti
File size
Year 2015
Pages 72
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other

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