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The Artisanal Kitchen PDF

Book Description:

The Artisanal Kitchen PDF

Expand your pasta repertoire with this curated collection of recipes from the acclaimed chefs at Franny’s in Brooklyn. Each is a simple dish, suitable for weeknight cooking but approached in a way that uncovers a newfound depth of flavor.

The Artisanal Kitchen cookbook series brings together great chefs and appealing subjects to add an easy level of pleasure and expertise to home cooking.

The Artisanal Kitchen Pasta Simple Seasonal Recipes to Make Any Night of the Week Simple Seasonal Italian

Book Details:

The Artisanal Kitchen PDF: Perfect Pasta: Recipes And Secrets To Elevate The Classic Italian Meal

Author Andrew Feinberg
Isbn 1579657621
File size 46.2 MB
Year 2017
Pages 96
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cookbooks

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