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The Beginner’s Guide To Photography PDF

Book Description:

The Beginner's Guide To Photography PDF

Photography is a big part of our lives, and we all take photos all the time. By understanding just a few basics of how your camera – or your phone – works, you’ll find yourself able to take more exciting, stand-out photos.

Within a few pages you’ll be able to speak with confidence to photographers about exposure settings, decide what lighting or lenses will lift a scene, or what tactics you can use to make your subject look more interesting.

The book also covers the basics of managing, editing & sharing your collection of digital images so you’re not at the mercy of the software that was bundled with your phone.

Book Details:

The Beginner’s Guide To Photography PDF: Capturing The Moment Every Time Whatever Camera You Have

Author Haje Jan Kamps
Isbn 178157510X
File size 159.6 MB
Year 2017
Pages 176
Language English
File format PDF
Category Photo

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