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The Cinematic Vr Formula PDF

Book Description:

The Cinematic Vr Formula PDF

The best way to learn how to make VR movies is to create them! This book is a step by step guide for aspiring Virtual Reality movie makers.

In 10 brief levels you will learn about:

  • funding,
  • story,
  • projection techniques,
  • spatial sound,
  • VR preproduction, production, and postproduction
  • and many more things.
  • This book focuses on principles rather than the latest VR gadgets. It is an addon to your classic movie making skills.

    “You can learn from pioneers and experts whose wisdom Chuck Ian Gordon supercharged with his own knowledge in Cinematic VR. You wanna create your own VR movie? Well, here you go with profound checklists and guidelines!”
    Dr. Michael Klein, director INM-Institute for New Media, Frankfurt.

    “Looking at the future, Chuck Ian Gordon in his book “The Cinematic VR Formula” describes charmingly his broad view of a new wonderland that will unquestionably enrich our world.”
    Fabian Schempp, UX-Designer at Fabian&Jan

Book Details:

The Cinematic Vr Formula PDF: A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Virtual Reality Movies

Author Chuck Ian Gordon
Isbn 3944218116
File size 1.8 MB
Year 2017
Pages 108
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

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