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The Dynamics Of Language Use PDF

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The Dynamics Of Language Use PDF

The Use and Training of the Human Voice is now in use in secondary schools, colleges, universities, and professional training programs nationally and internationally. First published in 1960, it is now in its second edition.
In 1978 Professor Lessac’s second text, BODY WISDOM: The Use and Training of the Human Body, was released. This new work joins The Use and Training of the Human Voice in reflecting the continuing evolution of Professor Lessac’s research, development, and applications. Together the two texts, each complete in its own area, may be seen as a first full statement of the Lessac research and training system.

Arthur Lessac developed the Lessac System from over 45 years of study and professional work combined with practical studio teaching to a wide variety of students ranging from businessmen and clergymen to athletes, actors, singers, children, and clinical referrals.
In 1965 he was distinguished visiting professor at the University of Puerto Rico, and in 1966 he returned to conduct special workshops for the drama faculties in the Teatro Escolar with high school fine arts’ programs.
In 1970 he was invited to join the faculty of the State University of New York at Binghamton. Since then the number of SUNY faculty members expert in his work has steadily increased and a substantial graduate program has developed. In 1977 Professor Lessac lectured and conducted workshops at the Hanover State Theatre in West Germany and the Yugoslav State Theatre in Zagreb.
Professor Lessac’s experience has been as a teacher, theatrical performer, professional singer, director, and expert in speech and voice therapy. His academic background includes studies at the Eastman School of Music, studies in speech therapy at New York University, graduate work in speech education, speech pathology, and physiology at New York University, work in anatomy and neurology at Bellevue Hospital, a clinical internship at St Vincent’s Hospital, and a years psychoanalytical training. Used Book in Good Condition

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The Dynamics Of Language Use PDF

Author Arthur Lessac
Isbn 0896760723
File size 38.8 MB
Year 1980
Pages 297
Language English
File format PDF
Category Languages
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