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The Legacy Of Kant In Sellars And Meillassoux PDF

Book Description:

The Legacy Of Kant In Sellars And Meillassoux PDF

Contemporary interest in realism and naturalism, emerging under the banner of speculative or new realism, has prompted continentally-trained philosophers to consider a number of texts from the canon of analytic philosophy. The philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars, in particular, has proven remarkably able to offer a contemporary re-formulation of traditional “continental” concerns that is amenable to realist and rationalist considerations, and serves as an accessible entry point into the Anglo-American tradition for continental philosophers. With the aim of appraising this fertile theoretical convergence, this volume brings together experts of both analytic and continental philosophy to discuss the legacy of Kantianism in contemporary philosophy. The individual essays explore the ways in which Sellars can be put into dialogue with the widely influential work of Quentin Meillassoux, explaining how?even thought their methods, language, and proximal influences are widely different?their philosophical stances can be compared thanks to their shared Kantian heritage and interest in the problem of realism. This book will be appeal to students and scholars who are interested in Sellars, Meillassoux, contemporary realist movements in continental philosophy, and the analytic-continental debate in contemporary philosophy.

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The Legacy Of Kant In Sellars And Meillassoux PDF: Analytic And Continental Kantianism (Routledge Studies In Contemporary Philosophy)

Author Fabio Gironi
Isbn 1138703672
File size 1.5 MB
Year 2017
Pages 248
Language English
File format PDF
Category Philosophy

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