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The Origins Of The Arts Council Movement PDF

Book Description:

The Origins Of The Arts Council Movement PDF

This important new book offers an intellectual history of the ‘arts council’ policy model, identifying and exploring the ideas embedded in the model and actions of intellectuals, philanthropists and wealthy aesthetes in its establishment in the mid-twentieth century. The book examines the history of arts advocacy for national arts policies in the UK, Canada and the USA, offering an interdisciplinary approach that combines social and intellectual history, political philosophy and literary analysis. The book has much to offer academics, cultural policy and management students, artists, arts managers, arts advocates, cultural policymakers and anyone interested in the history and current moment of public arts funding in the West. 

Book Details:

The Origins Of The Arts Council Movement PDF: Philanthropy And Policy (New Directions In Cultural Policy Research)

Author Anna Rosser Upchurch
Isbn 1137461624
File size 1.9 MB
Year 2016
Pages 214
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

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