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The Politics Of Gay Marriage In Latin America PDF

Book Description:

The Politics Of Gay Marriage In Latin America PDF

Addressing one of the defining social issues of our time, The Politics of Gay Marriage in Latin America explores how and why Latin America, a culturally Catholic and historically conservative region, has become a leader among nations of the Global South, and even the Global North, in the passage of gay marriage legislation. In the first comparative study of its kind, Jordi Díez explains cross-national variation in the enactment of gay marriage in three countries: Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. Based on extensive interviews in the three countries, Díez argues that three main key factors explain variation in policy outcomes across these cases: the strength of social movement networks forged by activists in favor of gay marriage; the access to policy making afforded by particular national political institutions; and the resonance of the frames used to demand the expansion of marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Book Details:

The Politics Of Gay Marriage In Latin America PDF: Argentina Chile And Mexico

Author Jordi Díez
Isbn 1107491851
File size 2.5 MB
Year 2016
Pages 304
Language English
File format PDF
Category Politics and Sociology

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