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Top 50 Most Delicious Parfait Recipes (Recipe Top 50s Book 119) PDF

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Top 50 Most Delicious Parfait Recipes (Recipe Top 50s Book 119) PDF

Parfait is a layered dessert that can contain various ingredients. Most commonly these are yogurt, pudding, muesli, nuts, fruit, and chocolate. But these are only the basics, you can get creative and layer anything from cubed cake, crumbled Oreos, ice cream, candies, to cottage cheese, nut butters, and top it off with some delicious syrup or if you want to get fancy, some liqueur. Parfait is usually assembled in a way that every time you spoon into the dessert, you’ll have a bit of every layer on your spoon.

Parfait can actually be made quite healthy and is a very suitable breakfast as well. Yes, this dessert is something to behold for its diversity and its simplicity. Creamy, sweet, and tangy, indulgent or healthy. The variety of recipes within this list is meant to open your mind to endless possibilities to this amazing dessert. These recipes are some of the most delicious we have tried and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree after trying.

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Top 50 Most Delicious Parfait Recipes (Recipe Top 50s Book 119) PDF

Author Julie Hatfield
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Year 2015
Pages 130
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