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Top WordPress Plugins For Beginner Bloggers PDF

Book Description:

Top WordPress Plugins For Beginner Bloggers PDF

WordPress is the world’s #1 blogging platform for a reason. Its ease of use allows even someone with limited computer skills to design a great-looking blog or website in a matter of minutes, and publishing content online in only a couple of days.

But the very fact that it is so easy can be a mixed blessing for beginners, who might have really interesting content, but not be aware of all of the elements that go into creating a successful money-making blog. Most newbie bloggers publish for a week or two, don’t get any traffic and barely any money, and give up. Don’t let your blog go the way of so many others, to the elephant graveyard of abandoned blogs. Instead, learn how to use some of the most handy plugins that professional bloggers and experienced WordPress users rely on to help them run a quality blog that earns profits.

The right plugins can transform WordPress from a powerful content management system into a complete business solution, integrating your content and your marketing opportunities in order to help drive traffic to your site and make money from it, while at the same time maintaining security for your valuable content.

In this illustrated guide, the authors give beginners to WordPress and blogging an overview of some of the top WordPress plugins you should be using if you want to blog like a pro and not waste time, money and effort.
You will learn:
+what a plugin is
+what plugins add to WordPress
+why the suggested plugins are very handy if you wish to run and market a high-quality money-making blog.

Blogging with WordPress can be an incredibly fun experience, and there is certainly nothing wrong with running your blog as a hobby.

But if you are a newcomer to blogging who is eager to create a blog that will earn money and enhance your reputation as a writer, or even as an expert in your niche or industry, why not begin the right way by using these plugins to grow your blogging business?

You work too hard to settle for just a trickle of traffic and pennies in profit. Don’t miss out on the excellent money-making opportunities the right WordPress plugins create for your blog or website.

+Beginners using WordPress for the first time
+Beginners using WordPress who want to save time searching through thousands of plugins to add useful traffic building and marketing features to their blog
+Relatively new bloggers using WordPress who would like to boost the results of their blog and/or start earning money from their blog

Word Count=7,500



CHAPTER 1: WordPress Plugins 1 to 5

CHAPTER 2: WordPress Plugins 6 to 10

CHAPTER 3: WordPress Plugins 11 to 15

CHAPTER 4: WordPress Plugins 16 to 20




Joan Mullally is Eternal Spiral Books’ resident expert on all things WordPress. She is the author of more than 100 online marketing guides an courses.

Andrew Simon has worked in the technology departments of some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including Dow Jones, the New York Stock Exchange, and NYSE Euronext. He is an avid follower of new and emerging mobile devices and is now perfecting the art of developing great apps for his clients.

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Top WordPress Plugins For Beginner Bloggers PDF: Basics For Beginners (Business Basics For Beginners Book 44)

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Year 2017
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