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Who’S Picking Me Up From The Airport? PDF

Book Description:

Who’S Picking Me Up From The Airport? PDF

What lifts a single girl’s spirit most?aside from finding a man, of course?is meeting other girls in her same boat. Who’s Picking Me Up From the Airport? opens with Cindy Johnson’s story and she will quickly become your  newfound single companion. Her refreshing and comical commentary on adult Christian dating provides readers the much needed opportunity to laugh and celebrate single life for what it is: joyful and complicated.

Beneath the candor and self-deprecation, Who’s Picking Me Up From the Airport? is built on the question, “Does Jesus actually care about dating and singleness? And if so, how does he enter into it?” Have you ever found yourself wary of voicing your concerns for fear of appearing desperate or lacking in faith. Cindy’s choice to put it all out there creates a powerful and much needed safe place for vulnerability and honesty around singleness.

This book addresses head on the difficult reality experienced by singles in the Church. Cindy will push you to seek Jesus first, even when you don’t get the things you want. Each chapter begins with a short letter written by single Christian women to other women from all walks of life. You will be reminded that you are not alone. In authentic pages filled with humor and truth, you will  find in Who’s Picking Me Up from the Airport? what you need most?a friend.

Book Details:

Who’S Picking Me Up From The Airport? PDF: And Other Questions Single Girls Ask

Author Cindy Johnson
Isbn 0310340969
File size 574.4 KB
Year 2015
Pages 160
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion
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