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Aspects Of Urbanization In China PDF

Book Description:

Aspects Of Urbanization In China PDF

China’s rise as a global power is one of the major economic and political developments of the past fifty years. One seemingly inevitable outcome of industrialization is urbanization, and this definitive study surveys the key aspects of China’s massive wave of urbanization with an emphasis on the changes to the quality of life of urban dewellers. With contributions from authors in a variety of fields, Aspects of Urbanization in China creates a resonant and rich portrait of China’s global ambitions, as well as their culture, architecture, and economy. While the volume deals with disparate aspects of urbanization, the articles included are unified by a deep concern for Chinese citizens.  

Book Details:

Aspects Of Urbanization In China PDF: Shanghai Hong Kong Guangzhou (Iias Publications)

Author Gregory Bracken
Isbn 9089643982
File size 2.7 MB
Year 2012
Pages 212
Language English
File format PDF
Category History
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