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Brace Before Breach PDF

Book Description:

Brace Before Breach  PDF

The Brace Before Breach booklet series is designed to be quick to read and informative, giving the reader basic knowledge of the subject of Data Protection. If you are just looking to get a quick idea without the associated hassle the Brace Before Breach booklet series is perfect for you.
The authors believe the best approach to learn about Data Security is to start by simply making you aware of the dangers and the consequences.
The first part of the Brace Before Breach booklet covers the logistics; you will learn everything from what a data breach is to how it occurs, who could be behind it and what factors could increase the risk for you to become the victim of one. Besides this, the booklet will inform you of what might be waiting behind the door when the situation arises if have not taken action to protect yourself.
Maybe after reading this booklet you will ask yourself or go to an IT Security Specialist and ask them if all endpoints are protected. You will also, perhaps, take extra precautionary measures when for example announcing layoffs or redundancies, or when experiencing high staff turnover; if you do, then this booklet is being used to its maximum potential and is fulfilling its purpose.

Book Details:

Brace Before Breach PDF: Part 1. The Logistics Of A Data Breach (Bbb)

Author Elias Sare
Isbn B075FX893C
File size 3.1 MB
Year 2017
Pages NA
Language English
File format PDF
Category Security
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