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Calculus Blue Multivariable Volume 3 PDF

Book Description:

Calculus Blue Multivariable Volume 3 PDF

Finally, a math book that looks GREAT on a phone/tablet screen!

This volume is the third in a 4-volume set of CALCULUS BLUE books on multivariable calculus, part of a revolutionary series of graphical Mathematics texts optimized for reading on phone/tablet/kindle devices.

Calculus BLUE Multivariable Volume 3: Integrals continues the journey through multivariable calculus, incorporating all we have learned about linear algebra and multivariate derivatives. Topics covered in this text include:
* Riemann sums, Riemann integrals, and the Fubini Theorem
* double, triple, and higher-dimensional integrals, with motivations & applications
* using integrals to compute averages
* using integrals to compute mass, centroids, and centers of mass
* moments of inertia, the inertia matrix, and basic solid body mechanics
* probability in single and multiple variables; independence and expectation
* the variance-covariance matrix and its applications
* cylindrical & spherical coordinates
* the Changes of Coordinates Theorem and its applications
* Gaussians, the Kalman filter, and higher-dimensional geometry

Throughout, the text is filled with contemporary applications to data, robotics, mechanics, economics, probability, networks, and biology. Theory and application are brought to life in full eye-scorching color (though a lot of it is blue).

This volume consists of 18 chapters (plus a prologue, epilogue, and foreshadowing of volume 4), each containing exercises for practice & deeper understanding, for a total of over 415 pages of mathematics and color and joy and sweat.

NOTE! This is graphics intensive, and the file size is quite large. You may want to download it over a wireless connection rather than cellular. Also, although Amazon says this is a “print replica”, there is no printed text this is based on. This book was hand-crafted for electronic format. It looks phenomenal on a modern smart-phone. You can pinch-zoom, use bookmarks, flashcards, and more. Enjoy!

Book Details:

Calculus Blue Multivariable Volume 3 PDF: Integrals

Author Robert Ghrist
File size 196 MB
Year 2016
Pages NA
Language English
File format PDF
Category Mathematics
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