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Ecommerce And The Effects Of Technology On Taxation PDF

Book Description:

Ecommerce And The Effects Of Technology On Taxation PDF

This book focuses on the impact of technology on taxation and deals with the broad effect of technology on diverse taxation systems.  It addresses the highly relevant eTax issue and argues that while VAT may not be the ultimate solution with regard to taxing electronic commerce, it can be demonstrated to be the most effective solution to date. The book analyzes the application and the effectiveness of traditional income tax principles in contradistinction to VAT principles. Taking into account rapidly ameliorating technology, the book next assesses the compatibility between electronic commerce and diverse systems of taxation. Using case studies of and Second Life as well as additional practical examples, the book demonstrates the effectiveness of VAT in respect of electronic commerce and ameliorating technology in the incalculable and borderless realm of cyberspace.

Book Details:

Ecommerce And The Effects Of Technology On Taxation PDF: Could Vat Be The Etax Solution?

Author Anne Michèle Bardopoulos
File size 4.2 Mb
Year 2015
Pages 370
Language English
File format PDF
Category Economics
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