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Field Theory Quantization And Statistical Physics PDF

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Field Theory Quantization And Statistical Physics PDF

It is with great emotion that we present here this volume dedicated to the memory of Bernard Jouvet, Docteur es Sciences, Directeur des Recher- ches at the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique. The life and the career as a physicist of Professor Jouvet are evoked in the following pages by Professor F. Cerulus, a friend of long standing of Professor Jouvet. The contributions have been written by physicists who were friends, collaborators or former students of Professor Jouvet. I express here my gratitude for their contributions. I wish also to thank Mrs. France Jouvet for her kind help in the realiza- tion of this book. Without her support this would have been impossible. I am also especially indebted to Professor M. Flato for his constant encouragement and kind cooperation, and to F. Langouche and D. Roekaerts for their generous help in the preparation of this volume. E. TIRAPEGUI TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD VII BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH XI XIX LIST OF SELECTED SCIENTIFIC PUBLICA TIONS PART ONE: FIELD THEORY AND QUANTIZATION C. BECCHI, A. ROUET and R. sToRA/Renormalizable Theories with Symmetry Breaking 3 J. CALMET and A. VISCONTI/Computing Methods in Quantum Electrodynamics 33 GERARD CLEMENT/Classical Mechanics of Autocomposite Particles 59 s. DEsER/Exclusion of Static Solutions in Gravity-Matter Coupling 77 D. ARNAL, J. C. COR TET, M. FLATO and D. STERNHEIMER/ Star-Products: Quantization and Representations without Operators 85 R. GASTMANs/High Energy Tests of Quantum Electrodynamics 113 L. GOMBEROFF and E. K.

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Field Theory Quantization And Statistical Physics PDF: In Memory Of Bernard Jouvet (Mathematical Physics And Applied Mathematics)

Author E. Tirapegui
Isbn 9400983700
File size 6 MB
Year 2011
Pages 324
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies
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