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Figure It Out! Human Proportions PDF

Book Description:

Figure It Out! Human Proportions PDF

When the proportions are right, the drawing looks right! Most artists whose work features the human head and figure don’t have the time or opportunity to draw directly from models, so it’s essential that they acquire the skills and tools to draw them accurately without using direct reference. Now, thanks to Chris Hart’s foolproof method, even beginners can quick-check the proportions of their head and figure drawings, identify errors, and swiftly fix mistakes. Richly illustrated with drawings from various angles, this follow-up to Hart’s bestselling Figure It Out! includes step-by-step demonstrations and lessons that lead readers through the process. 

Book Details:

Figure It Out! Human Proportions PDF: Draw The Head And Figure Right Every Time (Christopher Hart Figure It Out!)

Author Christopher Hart
Isbn 1936096730
File size 35.9 MB
Year 2014
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Drawing
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