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In The Aftermath Of Gezi PDF

Book Description:

In The Aftermath Of Gezi PDF

This edited volume addresses various aspects of social and political development in Turkey and the latter’s role within a global context. Paradigmatically and theoretically, it is situated in the realm of communication and/for social change. The chapters thread together to present a fresh and innovative study that explores an array of issues related to the Gezi protests and their aftermath by scholars and activists from Scandinavia, Turkey and India. Through its thorough analysis of the government’s repressive policy and the communication strategies of resistance, during the protests as well as in the dramatic on-going aftermath, the volume has wide international and interdisciplinary appeal, suitable for those with an interest in globalization, communication and media, politics, and social change.

Book Details:

In The Aftermath Of Gezi PDF: From Social Movement To Social Change? (Palgrave Studies In Communication For Social Change)

Author Oscar Hemer
Isbn 3319518526
File size 1.9 MB
Year 2017
Pages 219
Language English
File format PDF
Category Politics and Sociology
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