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Intelligent Control Design And Matlab Simulation PDF

Book Description:

Intelligent Control Design And Matlab Simulation PDF

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to intelligent control system design, using MATLAB simulation to verify typical intelligent controller designs. It also uses real-world case studies that present the results of intelligent controller implementations to illustrate the successful application of the theory. Addressing the need for systematic design approaches to intelligent control system design using neural network and fuzzy-based techniques, the book introduces the concrete design method and MATLAB simulation of intelligent control strategies; offers a catalog of implementable intelligent control design methods for engineering applications; provides advanced intelligent controller design methods and their stability analysis methods; and presents a sample simulation and Matlab program for each intelligent control algorithm.

The main topics addressed are expert control, fuzzy logic control, adaptive fuzzy control, neural network control, adaptive neural control and

intelligent optimization algorithms, providing several engineering application examples for each method.

Book Details:

Intelligent Control Design And Matlab Simulation PDF

Author Jinkun Liu
Isbn 981105262X
File size 11.1 MB
Year 2017
Pages 290
Language English
File format PDF
Category Programming
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