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Live. Love. Bark. PDF

Book Description:

Live. Love. Bark. PDF

Do you like a true dog story that has a happy ending?
Do you have a heart for stray and abandoned dogs?

What do you do when you’re a little dog abandoned on New Year’s Day? The Diary of a Recycled Dog takes you into the mind of a little dog abandoned by his previous owner. This confused and abandoned mixed-breed is in an unfamiliar and dangerous territory. The woods and dead-end road are no home for a dog.

Denver traveled the lonely road alone and afraid. He barked until someone listened. A local couple named Lady and Mister noticed the frightened little dog. With it being a holiday weekend they decided to take care of him until they could find him a new home or his old home.

Over a span of 10 days, he mesmerizes the couple. Their nice little empty nest family was comfortable. But, the couple decides to adopt him anyway. They documented his new life on social media, and soon others were under the spell of his soulful eyes.

Something special happened when one person’s trash walked its way into the right family. 

The debut Denver book from Kim Steadman, The Diary of a Recycled Dog, is a new addition to the great feel-good dog essays in the tradition of Kaleigh Mills and Colette Makray. 

The Diary of a Recycled Dog includes:
* The true story about Denver and how he found the people who adopted him. 
*Activity pages for the younger members of the family including connect-the-dots and coloring pages
*Reading comprehension questions 
*Dog Wisdom quotes from Denver at the end of each chapter

>>Do you or a family member like dogs?
Great!  This is a true story about how an abandoned dog is lost, found and finds the love of a new family.

>>Do you like books that teach morals with subtlety?

Wonderful! Through the chronicle of Denver’s actions with Lady, Mister and Grumpy Dog people of all ages will his subtle bits of wisdom.

Scroll up and grab your copy today

Book Details:

Live. Love. Bark. PDF

Author Kim C. Steadman
Isbn 0998341924
File size 42.9 MB
Year 2017
Pages 130
Language English
File format PDF
Category Animals
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