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Make Him Beg PDF

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Make Him Beg PDF

Tired of dating frogs? Afraid you’re never gonna find your dream man? Don’t Worry, your dream man Is waiting for you right now. “Make Him Beg” Teaches you how to attract men and find true love, your prince and your self — all at the same time. See what all the relationship experts are saying about this revolutionary new book … Listen, it’s simple. I wrote this book based on over 15 years of experience working with women of all ages from around the world who were desperately seeking to find their true love. I’m honored to have helped countless women stop struggling, hurting, and making the mistakes that keep good men away. I’ve helped them turn their luck and lives around and witnessed the amazing successes, passionate love stories, and fairy tale happily-ever-afters. I’m here to help you. I decided once and for all to share with you everything I’ve taught my clients over the years. I made the decision to reveal my Little known Secrets–my premiere strategies that I’ve only used in closed one-on-one sessions before with my most trusted clients. These are my no-fail, sure-fire, can’t-lose, you’d-have-to-be-dead-not-to-attract-great-men strategies. You’ll learn: Which 5 topics you should never discuss on a first date. How to exploit your not-so-secret weapons to make your date go gaga for you! What you must do on the first date if you want a dream relationship to start right away. Steps to take to start dating the man of your dreams today. No more Frogs for you only Princes from here on out! Why it’s ok to tell a little white lie when he asks you how many men you’ve been intimate with. The shocking answer to the #1 most frequently asked question by women about men, dating, and the telephone game. How to motivate your man to pop the question… and do it with the style you deserve! As well as: How reading just 2 pages of my book will make you feel sexier and more beautiful than ever. Uncover the one thing you should ALWAYS do with your breasts. It’ll drive men wild—and, yes, mom will even approve! Discover what part of your daily hygiene can be turned into a tool to arouse your man uncontrollably. Learn to own your sexy body, no matter what shape or size you are. Soft, sensual, inviting, sultry. How to reveal a revolutionary new sexier, more confident you…all by using an everyday item you have in your house right now. The secret truth about applying makeup on your first date that 96% of women do not know. When it’s really, really ok to have sex on the first date…and, when it’s really, really NOT! And, if that’s not enough to convince you? Learn what you absolutely must throw out if you want to have a chance of feeling like the sexy woman you are. Uncover the dirty little secret of the V-neck that will blow his, um…mind! Get the inside scoop on 6 styles of sexy tops that will keep every eye fixed on you. Find out the top 6 tantalizing tips for accentuating your hips. It’s time to strut your stuff! Learn which piece of common everyday jewelry will turn a man on in a heartbeat! Discover what 2 items of clothing you can buy that will make you feel sexier than you ever imagined possible…and find out why nobody but you ever has to see them! The surprising reason why lingerie is still one of the best purchases you can make for attracting the man of your dreams. Here is your chance, ladies. Everything you will ever need to know to attract men who will adore you and never want to leave you. They will be lining up outside your door by the time you have finished reading and applying the Goddess Secrets.

Book Details:

Make Him Beg PDF: Learn The Little Known Secrets Of The Male Mind To Attract, Keep Them Seduced And Bulletproof Any Relationship – Go From Single To The Man Of Dreams

Author Ellen Jenkins
Isbn 1975643364
File size
Year 2017
Pages 108
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other
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