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Passwords PDF

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Passwords PDF

This is created for busy IT Security folks, who have to juggle with daily operations, project advisories, incident response, audits AND IT security awareness. The slides (the link to the actual editable Powerpoint slides is in the ebook) come with suggested speaker’s note so it’s a READY-TO-PRESENT material. This is the first part of a multi-part series for IT Security folks to conduct Security Awareness course. The content is also made easy for non-IT folks to understand.

The author’s approach to IT Security Awareness training is to focus about 75% of the training content on areas that the audience can relate to – things that they can apply in their personal life. The author firmly believes that once that’s achieved, the effect of the awareness training will flow over to what they do in their office work.

His audience has appreciated and enjoyed (very much) the content in this training material, especially the part where they were made to guess the time required to crack 8-10 character passwords of different complexities. You will get the sense of achievements when you see their jaws dropped! The author hopes the content in this 15-slide training material (including a quiz with 3 questions) – 2FA, tips on how to protect oneself, how to create strong password from a phrase, why regular change of password is important and the fun part on the time required to crack passwords, will help his security counterparts in their preparation for a IT Security Awareness presentation.

The author currently heads the Corporate IT Security arm of a Service Integrator in Singapore, which has more than 300 clients. He was also the former IT Security head of one of the largest Utility companies in Singapore.

Book Details:

Passwords PDF: The Key To Your Information Kingdom

Author Jeremy Ong
Isbn B075PPX95V
File size 1.4 MB
Year 2017
Pages NA
Language English
File format PDF
Category Security
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