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Sample Size Calculations In Clinical Research Third Edition PDF

Book Description:

Sample Size Calculations In Clinical Research Third Edition PDF

Praise for the Second Edition:

“… this is a useful, comprehensive compendium of almost every possible sample size formula. The strong organization and carefully defined formulae will aid any researcher designing a study.” –Biometrics

This impressive book contains formulae for computing sample size in a wide range of settings. One-sample studies and two-sample comparisons for quantitative, binary, and time-to-event outcomes are covered comprehensively, with separate sample size formulae for testing equality, non-inferiority, and equivalence. Many less familiar topics are also covered …” – Journal of the Royal Statistical Society

Sample Size Calculations in Clinical Research, Third Edition presents statistical procedures for performing sample size calculations during various phases of clinical research and development. A comprehensive and unified presentation of statistical concepts and practical applications, this book includes a well-balanced summary of current and emerging clinical issues, regulatory requirements, and recently developed statistical methodologies for sample size calculation.


  • Compares the relative merits and disadvantages of statistical methods for sample size calculations
  • Explains how the formulae and procedures for sample size calculations can be used in a variety of clinical research and development stages
  • Presents real-world examples from several therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular medicine, the central nervous system, anti-infective medicine, oncology, and women’s health
  • Provides sample size calculations for dose response studies, microarray studies, and Bayesian approaches
  • This new edition is updated throughout, includes many new sections, and five new chapters on emerging topics: two stage seamless adaptive designs, cluster randomized trial design, zero-inflated Poisson distribution, clinical trials with extremely low incidence rates, and clinical trial simulation.

    Book Details:

    Sample Size Calculations In Clinical Research Third Edition PDF

    Author Shein-Chung Chow
    Isbn 1138740985
    File size 81.3 MB
    Year 2017
    Pages 510
    Language English
    File format PDF
    Category Mathematics
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