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Soap and Cosmetic Packaging & Labeling Rules and Regulations Handbook PDF

Book Description:

Soap and Cosmetic Packaging & Labeling Rules and Regulations Handbook PDF

Soap and Cosmetic Packaging & Labeling Rules and Regulations Handbook

How to Implement Good Manufacturing Practices

If you are like me, you started making soap, lotions, candles and all other beauty and cosmetic products for yourself as a hobby. But then you got hooked and started making lots of them that you started giving it away to your extended family and friends. They are delighted, happy and surprised with the quality of your creation.

Then one day with the repeated advice from all your friends and family you decide to start a small business right out of your home. Now you are making soap, bath bombs, shampoo, lotions, creams and so much more. But before you start to sell them online or to your local marketplace, there are few basic Federal and State governmental rules and regulations you need to know and follow to keep your new business in compliance with the industry standard and required practices.

There are specific FDA, USDA, FTC and all other governmental regulatory guidelines that you have to follow both for proper packaging and labeling of your products.

These requirements can vary widely by product type, shape and intent of use, for example, the label requirements for soap will be vastly different than the labeling requirements for say body cream.

If you read my book “Soap Making Business Startup,” then you know, my business started right on my kitchen counter, and I grew it to a 6 figure business and then sold it. But this is not about my success or my soap making expertise; it is about proper packaging and labeling of all your homemade bath, beauty and cosmetics. I had to learn this the hard way, sure I have made a few mistakes along the way. For me, the learning curve was steep as there was no such book teaching me how to do it all.

So in this book, I share everything you need to know about how to make proper labeling and packaging for your homemade soap and other cosmetic products.

In This Book I Discuss

  • Definition Of Cosmetic And Drug And When A Product Is Considered Both
  • The FDA Definition Of Soap
  • What The Soap Regulations Are
  • All Federal Agencies And Applicable Laws
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Requirements
  • What The Packaging Requirements Are For Child Resistant Packaging
  • Customs And Border Protection (CPB) Guidelines
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Rules And Guidelines
  • EPA Evaluation Process And Risk Assessment
  • What Are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) And High-Volatility Organic Compounds (HVOCs)
  • The Federal Trade Commission Rules And Guidelines
  • How Environmental Marketing Claims Are Handled
  • How “Made In The USA” Claims Are Evaluated
  • What And How Food, Drug & Cosmetics Act Works
  • Requirements For Proper Cosmetic Labeling
  • What Caution And Warning Statement Should Be On The Label
  • Color Additive Categories, Requirements, And Proper Use
  • Which Ingredients Are Prohibited And Restricted
  • What Is Voluntary Cosmetic Registration
  • FDA Rules For Cosmetic Shelf Life
  • Various State Packaging And Labeling Requirements
  • What Is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • 10 GMP Directions And Guidelines
  • 7 Steps To Implementing Good Manufacturing Practices
  • How To Design And Create A Label On A Budget
  • Homemade Soap Packaging And Labeling A To Z

Since there are more than one Federal agency is involved in regulating various parts of this industry, some of the rules and requirements are changing or being updated often, so it is important to follow the most recent published guidelines.

At the end of the book, I provided an email address where you can send an email and be added to the list to be notified of any and all change and updates.

Book Details:

Soap and Cosmetic Packaging & Labeling Rules and Regulations Handbook PDF: How to Implement Good Manufacturing Practices

Author Suzanne Carpenter
Isbn 1548181099
File size
Year 2017
Pages 140
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other
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