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We’Re In This Together PDF

Book Description:

We’Re In This Together PDF

Some memories last forever… Forty memories, like forty grains of sand on an ­endless stretch of beach, seem insignificant by comparison, ­until a glint of brilliant sunshine or a hint of ­human ­inspiration ­illuminates them and sets them free. Ellen Brennan ­Williams, inspired by profound tales of ­courage and ­sacrifice by the men, women, and children in her own ­hometown, has done just that. Determined to share with others and preserve these ­important pieces of history, she dove head-first into the profound memories of World War II veterans, loved ones left behind, war brides, youth on the homefront, and ­civilians struggling in Allied and Axis nations abroad. This book is about struggles and conflicts, sacrifice and courage, determination and victory-a wonderful read that will remind you that the human spirit cannot be broken.

Book Details:

We’Re In This Together PDF: Forty World War Ii Memories

Author Ellen Williams
Isbn 0985002662
File size 2.7 MB
Year 2012
Pages 150
Language English
File format PDF
Category History
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