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What More In/For Science Education PDF

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What More In/For Science Education PDF

What more is there in and for science education to do in terms of researching science lessons? A lot, the author suggests, if research turns away from studying science education extracting social facts using special methods, which journal articles require to state, to studying the work and methods by means of which participants themselves create their structured world of science lessons. This book presents, with concrete materials from an inquiry-oriented physics course, a way of doing science education research that radically differs from existing approaches. This book articulates this approach for a science education audience, where this approach is by and large unknown, and where the primary literature is often experienced as impenetrable and as requiring years of work to gain entry. Consistent with this different approach, those materials are used that constitute the way in which the refl exive production of social order is observed by the actors (teachers, students) themselves. Used Book in Good Condition

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What More In/For Science Education PDF: An Ethnomethodological Perspective By Wolff-Michael Roth

Author Wolff-Michael Roth
Isbn 9462092524
File size 2.9 MB
Year 2013
Pages 196
Language English
File format PDF
Category Science
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